Zaka Ashraf Offers Mohammad Hafeez Key Role In PCB


Zaka Ashraf, the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has made a significant move Zaka Ashraf offers Mohammad Hafeez a key role in PCB. This development is considered a potential turning point in the management and development of cricket in Pakistan. With Zaka Ashraf’s progressive approach and Mohammad Hafeez’s experience, this collaboration holds great promise for Pakistani cricket.

Restructuring the PCB: A New Vision

1. Zaka Ashraf’s progressive approach

Zaka Ashraf is renowned for his progressive approach during his previous tenure as PCB chairman. His visionary leadership introduced various reforms and initiatives that aimed to uplift Pakistani cricket.

2. Mohammad Hafeez’s crucial role

Ashraf has reached out to Mohammad Hafeez, a prominent all-rounder, to play a crucial part in the cricket board. Hafeez’s exceptional skills with both bat and ball, along with his wealth of experience and expertise, make him an invaluable asset.

3. Revamping the structure and operations

Ashraf’s offer to Hafeez signifies a renewed focus on revamping the structure and operations of the PCB. The aim is to bring in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to address the challenges faced by Pakistani cricket.

Mohammad Hafeez: A Beacon of Experience and Dedication

1. Enthusiasm for the role

In response to the offer, Mohammad Hafeez expressed his enthusiasm and eagerness to contribute to the cricket board. His willingness to take up this role reflects his dedication to giving back to the game that has brought him recognition and success.

2. Acknowledging the need for reforms

Hafeez acknowledges the need for reforms within the PCB. He emphasizes the importance of creating a conducive environment for the growth and development of cricket in Pakistan.

3. Contributions to the sport

Hafeez’s inclusion in an important role signifies the board’s intention to leverage his insights and contributions to shape the future of Pakistani cricket. His experience and expertise can prove invaluable in guiding the strategic direction of the sport.

Zaka Ashraf’s Vision for the Future

1. Nurturing young talent

During Zaka Ashraf’s previous tenure, he laid significant emphasis on nurturing young talent. Under his leadership, initiatives were introduced to identify and groom promising players, ensuring a strong pipeline of talent for the national team.

2. Enhancing domestic cricket infrastructure

Ashraf also focused on enhancing the domestic cricket infrastructure. By improving facilities, investing in training programs, and providing better opportunities, the PCB aimed to strengthen the foundation of cricket in Pakistan.

3. Promoting transparency and accountability

Transparency and accountability were key pillars of Ashraf’s administration. His efforts to create a fair and transparent system earned him praise and trust among cricket enthusiasts.


Zaka Ashraf offers Mohammad Hafeez a key role in PCB. This move signifies a new direction and a potential boost for Pakistani cricket. This move marks a shift towards progressive management and a renewed focus on rejuvenating the sport in the country. With Hafeez’s involvement, along with Ashraf’s experience and dedication, Pakistani cricket has the potential to embark on a path of success and reclaim its position among the cricketing powerhouses of the world.


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